Ko te manu kai i te miro, nōna te ngahere. Ko te manu kai i te mātauranga, nōna te ao.

The bird that feeds on the miro berries will assume knowledge and control the forest. The one that feeds on knowledge itself will have no limits placed on wisdom and understanding.

An excellent tertiary education system is of great economic and social importance to New Zealand.  To achieve the Government’s vision of being a world-leading tertiary education system, the Tertiary Education Commission Te Amorangi Mātauranga Matua (TEC) has identified three key priorities:

Part of this work includes driving higher levels of achievement for Māori learners through Investment Plan performance commitments made by tertiary education organisations (TEOs). These ‘Stretch Targets’ were developed to focus TEOs on addressing parity of performance and achievement.

The TEC commissioned this Review of the Literature to inform and guide an understanding of what TEOs can do to raise performance for Māori learners. The review focuses on identifying common barriers for Māori learners, enablers and opportunities for Māori learners transitioning into tertiary education, and additional ways to support Māori learners who are engaged in the tertiary education environment.

The findings from this literature review show how using quality research can improve the tertiary education system and enable Māori  learners to achieve. 


Nāku noa
Nā Tim Fowler
Chief Executive